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Program as of 30 July 2018 and is subject to change.

Program overview

Signature address: The Future of Australia’s Infrastructure  

The Hon. Michael McCormack MP, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport
We Understand the Issues – Making Australia’s Infrastructure Sustainable

The Hon Jeffrey Kennett AC
Future Public Infrastructure Improvements – States/Territories Working Better Together

Funding, Managing and Delivering for our communities

Digital Natives: the next tsunami in asset management

  • the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • the digital revolution in AM
  • big data and IoT: AMs role?
  • so much data: how to manage it?
  • digital data impacts on AM
  • metadata & niche data: making sense of it

Digital futures for sustainable communities

  • how connected will we be?
  • how will my business operations change?
  • how Australian cities are preparing for a smart and connected future?

What will define a good community in 2030?

  • how will communities benefit from the 4th Industrial Revolution?
  • communication, energy, climate & transport changes: implications for infrastructure?
  • should levels of service be defined in terms of “aspiration” or “something that we can live with, or are forced to live with”?

The money tree is withering: how to keep it alive

  • no longer funding the gap, but managing the gap
  • new funding models for public infrastructure?
  • do we really have a backlog or just high expectations?
  • the public sector is not the panacea!
  • are PPPs working?
  • Value Capture models: worldwide experience

Vision | Skills | Systems | Culture | Is it that hard?  

  • My Soapbox: Open Floor for Delegates to make their case for change
  • Communique

Program overview

Public Infrastructure Management: the imperative for a new paradigm and Balancing the Politics

  1. The critical role of Infrastructure in the economy
  2. The Changes Needed in our Economic Landscape

Lifting our Game: ISO 55000 is aspirational, but most local government is at basic level in AM

  • Developments in ISO – where we should be
  • Audit on Australia’s Local Government
  • Financial Planning in Local Government
  • Local Government: What Keeps me awake at night

Future Planning for our communities   

The future for Rural and Small Population Regions

  • longer roads, less population, bigger areas, smaller revenues: Help!
  • is lager regionalisation the answer?
  • what is the value of rural areas to the nation?
  • are regional growth centres the answer to urban sprawl and housing affordability?

The future for Urban and Growth Regions

  • population growth models and migration levels: how can we catch up on the infrastructure shortfall?
  • transport and housing diseconomies of capital city sprawl: what to do?
  • overseas best practice models
  • is rural infrastructure important to the sustainability of our cities?
  • are we all going to be apartment dwellers?
  • housing unaffordability has disenchanted young buyers: do we have a generation of renters?

Sustainable pathways for our cities and regions