Why Attend

Why you should attend the IPWEA Asset Management Congress

The Congress will provide a forum for busy professionals to discuss the future of asset management in the one place, at the one time. 

These leaders will influence and motivate policy makers (including politicians, CEOs & CFOs) to consider the key principles of asset management for the betterment of our communities and Australia’s future infrastructure requirements.

The Congress program is being designed to provide a forum where delegates from around Australia can come together to debate the current issues of providing infrastructure for the delivery of sustainable public services, gain insight into current thoughts on future asset management challenges and provide direction to public sector decision makers.

The program will provide examples of innovative practices that that provide that optimise services in developing future communities’ infrastructure needs. It will also identify research, policy, and practice challenges and recommendations to help governments and stakeholders move forward.

Who Should Attend

  • Council directors, managers, planners
  • Mayors & Councillors
  • Academics & scientists
  • Asset managers
  • Finance officers, accountants & economists
  • Strategic planners
  • Land use and transport planners
  • Social and environmental service planners
  • Consultants in infrastructure

Will find this a first-class opportunity for professional development and business networking.

IPWEA Asset Management Congress